Fresh Fruit Ice Cream

Fabricated from quality stainless steel, the Fresh Fruit Ice Cream machine is a strongly engineered machine that mixes fresh or frozen fruit with ice cream to give customers a mouth-watering taste sensation! It is the only machine on the market that has a stainless-steel worm and cone, meaning that it can consistently deliver, day after day, without the need for replacements. It runs on a compressor such as a ‘Junair’ that is food grade and silent, which allows it to be run in a shop or confined setting.

The Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Machine makes an ideal business suitable for a wide variety of installations, from cafes and food outlets to mobile ice-cream vans and also in hotels and beach resorts.

Our machines have been in use for over twenty years now, many reaching hundreds of thousands of fresh fruit ice creams over the counter – generating significant profits for their operators.

We manufacture the Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Machines here in our workshop in Nelson, New Zealand, and pride ourselves on our after sales back up – offering a comprehensive list of parts in stock at all times ready for dispatch, though we don’t often need to do so as our machines are over-engineered and thoroughly reliable!

For reliability and quality stainless parts you can’t go past our Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Machine.


  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Unique cutting head design.
  • Robust and easy to clean.
  • Operator friendly, allowing 3 serves per minute
  • Only vanilla ice cream, frozen yogurt and frozen fruit need to be held in stock.
  • Consistent texture of rolled ice cream
  • Customers choose their own fruit mix.
  • Profitable as a new business or add additional profit to an existing business.
  • Strong word of mouth advertising.

Dimensions: 450 mm wide x 700 mm deep x 1250 mm high.

Weight: 90 Kg packed.

Specifications: Power supply single-phase 240 volts 50 hrz 10 amps Compressed Air supply 80 psi.

Customisable: The machine top can be painted to your colour and we can supply bespoke side panel designs with your branding included.

Case Studies

Richard from Masterton has had his Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Machine running successfully since receiving it. After 10 months of operation the machine had 48,065 operations on the clock. He is selling his ice creams for $4.50 / ice cream with costs of $1.50 (approx.)/ ice cream.

Profit margins are from 250% to 400% per ice cream.

  • Turnover 216,292.50
  • Costs 48,065.00
  • Machine/ compressor 18,500.00
  • Wages 60,000.00
  • $89,727.50

The Big Apple in Greytown purchased a new machine, we rang them 4 weeks after dispatching it to them and they had put through $30,000.00 in sales.

Perry’s Berrys, Auckland increased their foot traffic five-fold by adding a Fresh fruit Ice Cream machine to their Fruit and Vegetable store. Our machine is great for adding value to existing business!

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